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Thanks for sharing your story. I agree about the super-human patience and perseverance.

I'm still on my agent hunt, but what I've learned is to remember that just because a manuscipt doesn't get you an agent, it doesn't mean it never will be published. It is simply unlikely to be your first publication.

That's absolutely true! I think sometimes the planets have to align a little bit and the right manuscript has to get to the right person. Good luck!

What an inspiring story, even with the sighs. And having met Joan, I know how lucky (in the hard work beforehand sense of lucky) you are. Hope 2010 is great for you!

Thanks Jeannine! Joan has been wonderful to work with so far. I hope your 2010 is equally great. :-)

From what I've read online, your journey seems relatively brief! Lucky you, but of course you must also have talent and follow-through (as obviously you do). I will be querying agents in the spring. Wish me luck!

I guess my journey was on the shorter side compared to others, though it certainly didn't feel short at the time! I wish you an easy and speedy querying process. :-)

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you're able to update us with very good news sometime this year!

Thanks! I'm hoping 2010 is the year of good news all around. :-)

Anna, you were linked to Cynthea Letiticia Smith's blog roundup for this entry, I think she likes your blog!

I just saw that too! I LOVE her blog and am kind of in awe that she'd link to my posts. Thanks for letting me know. :-)

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