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Prepping for a Book Launch

I can’t believe ONCE UPON A CRUISE comes out at the end of this month. That means I have a lot of prep work on my hands! In case you’re wondering, here are some things that authors often do when they’re getting ready to welcome a new book into the world.


-Setting up events. I have a few already planned (see my events page) and am working on booking more! I’m trying to do a mix of event types (panels, signings, conferences, etc) and spreading them out geographically to give people more options.

-Online presence. In the past I’ve done blog tours for my books, and while I don’t think those are quite as popular anymore, I’m still trying to do a little push to get my book more visible online. This includes a Goodreads giveaway of the book and a Twitter party on the official release date. And if anyone wants to feature my book on a blog post, podcast, or such, please let me know! :-)

-Swag. I happen to love bookmarks since they’re versatile and useful, so I either have bookmarks printed up or, if it’s an option, I get them from my publisher.

-Updating my website. This might sound obvious, but it’s really important to have your website be up-to-date. There’s nothing worse than seeing “coming soon” for a book that’s been out for a year! I’m sorry to say that I’m a bit of a slacker in this respect, but I’m hoping to do better!

-Writing. Huh? But isn’t the book finished? Yes, it is. But there’s a school of thought that says, “Each new book helps promote your last book,” and I think that’s true. So while I’m working on spreading the word about my latest project, I’m also working on new ideas.

What other prep do you do (or have you seen people do) for their new books?


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