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Creative Optimism

My husband's family is full of creative optimists; they plunge into new ideas and try to make them work. It doesn't always lead to success, but you can't accuse them of not trying. When my husband gets an idea, usually for a techy thing, he often has to teach himself a new programming language in order to make it happen. I'm always in awe of how motivated he is to keep learning and coming up with new projects. (Check out his website if you want to see the hilarious phone apps he's been working on).

Now, I wouldn't say I'm a pessimist, but compared to my husband, I sometimes feel like one. When it comes to writing, I think you need this kind of creative optimism, but I guess there's another side to it. When you get a shiny new idea for a project, you do need that part of your brain that says: "I could do this!" but you also need that more tempered side that says: "Am I willing to devote months, possibly years, to this idea?"

Your decision of whether or not to work on a project should never be based on fear or intimidation, though. Even if the project is the most complex one you've ever thought of, there might just be a way to figure it out, even if it takes a long time. So I guess that's the key to creative optimism: it needs to be accompanied by patience and a willingness to work your butt off. Otherwise, you'd just go jumping from one half-completed project to the next.

What's your level of creative optimism? How loud is the pessimistic voice in your head?

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